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Development of mold industry

Nov 10, 2016

In recent years, mold production scale increased, prospects released by the Research Institute of the China mould industry of production and sales demand forecasting and analysis of transformation and upgrading Outlook shows, 2008-2012, die industrial output in China increased from 90.866 billion to 184.513 billion yuan, sales income increased by 86.196 billion yuan from 181.62 billion yuan. Continued expansion of the market, shows the mold industry a bright future. Die total ranked third in the world in China, but the production technology in China is behind many other countries. China's mould industry is large but not strong, total mold is a large, sophisticated, complex, long life molds only around 30%, over 50% abroad. Institute for prospective industries monitoring data show that in 2012, China's mold production reached 21.1404 million tons, 102.12% compared with the previous year, the growth rate also increased from the previous year, and 2012, die industrial output growth rate in China was 9.81%, down from 18.82% in the previous year. Production growth increased to production decline also reflects the added value of our products is low.