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Polychlorinated Biphenyl Residues And Cumulative

Nov 10, 2016

Has a high residual PCB in the environment. It was published by IPCS (1987) environmental health criteria (2) the introduction, since 1930, cumulative production of about 1 million t of PCB in the world, more than half of them have entered the waste dumps and landfills, they are quite stable, and released very slowly. Most of the rest into the environment through: with the industrial waste water into the river or coastal water bodies from non-closed system leakage or stacked in garbage dumps, because incineration of PCB-containing substances emitted into the atmosphere. Into the final storage of PCB in the environment mainly by river sediments of coastal waters, photolysis only a small part of the biological role and transformed. PCB accumulation in the body have a lot of sex, and was gradually enriched through the food chain. Known when 0.01 μ g/l of PCB-containing water, accumulation in fish can reach 200,000 times times the concentration in water, fish-eating birds, wild animals accumulate higher concentrations in the body. Some of the big fish in the sea and in the air a bird of ill omen, such as sharks, seals, birds of prey, the PCB concentration in the body can be 10.7~10.8 times higher than the surrounding environment.