ENIG+Gold Finger PCB Board

ENIG+Gold Finger PCB Board
Product Details

Product name: Industrial control board 


Layer count: 6
Board thickness: 1.60mm
Base materials: FR4 S1141
Finished size: 172*148mm
Surface finish: Gold Plated + finger
Line width/line space: 5/5mil
Minimum hole: 0.25mm
Solder resist color: blue
Cu thickness: inner layer 1 OZ outer layer 1 OZ


1, the board design integration is very high;
2, the need to use composite surface treatment method, gold finger plating hard gold 30 uinch;
3, gold finger position plate thickness tolerance 1.6mm+/-0.10mm, it is recommended that customers in the design of the gold finger corresponding to the inner line of the copper block, in order to facilitate the plate thickness tolerance control.

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