HDI Impedance Double PCB Board

HDI Impedance Double PCB Board
Product Details

Product name: HDI Impedance Double PCB Board


1MaterialFR4,(High Tg FR4,General Tg FR4,Middle Tg FR4),Lead-Free Solder Sheet,Halogen Free FR4,Ceramic Filling Material,Teflon,PI Material,BT Material,PPO,PPE etc.
2Board thicknessmass production: 394mil(10mm)   samples:17.5mm   
3Surface finishHASL,OSP,Immersion Sliver,Immersion Gold,ENIG,ENEPIG,Immersion Tin


PCB Max panel size1190*350mm/450*450mm
5Layersamples:1-64 Layers ,mass production:2-58 Layers
6Min.line width0.1mm4mil)
7Min.line spaceing0.1mm
8Min.drilled hole sizeMachine Drilling 8mil(0.20mm) ,Laser Drilling3mil(0.075mm)
9copper thickness4 OZ
10Solder maskGreen,Red,Blue,White,Black,Yellow
11Special PCB  TechniqueBlind & buried via+Impedance Control
12PCBA QCX-ray,AOI Test,Functional Test
13SpecialityGateway,Medical,Security,GPS tracker, Consumer,Automotive electronics
14Our servicePCB,Turnkey PCBA,PCB Clone,Housing
15SanforizedBuried via,Blind via,Mixed Pressure,Embedded Resistance,Embedded Capacitance,Local Mixed Pressure,Local High Density,Back drill,impedance control.


there are various impedance line in both the internal and external layer , and various impedance control requirment.

accurate impedance control, the impedance tolerance is 100 ohm+/-5%,50 ohm+/-5 ohm

the integration of the board design is very high, thick diameter ratio of more than 10:1, heavy copper plating is difficult

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